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From seasoned drivers

Bertrand Godin, driver, Atlantic Series

To be successful in car racing, good equipment is essential. Who would be able to display their driving skills in just a basic mass-produced car?

Access to top equipment is also important in the training of the upcoming driver. Having such a simulator available allows drivers to stay in the race car circles without being there. Drivers can train and maintain their skills, reflexes, and concentration competitively.

Even if, for some time, I have had fewer opportunities to drive an actual race car, I know I am always in perfect driving condition. Recent tests have demonstrated this. All this is simply because I was able to benefit from the equipment which was important for my training: the F1 Cockpit simulator.

The high quality of the cockpit, combined with the simulation of real race track courses, allows me to continue my training as if I was actually racing. I do this on an almost daily basis, and it enables me to sharpen my reflexes, to retain my competitive edge, and it compares me against real racing circuits and top level drivers in virtual racing conditions.

The simulator constitutes an integral part of my training. It allows me to stay on the leading edge of competitiveness in my training régime. Thanks to Simulation F1 Cockpit, I am still, and hope to remain, in the group of top Canadian race car drivers.

Bruno Spengler, driver, DTM Series

I always dreamed of having such a simulator and, thanks to Simulation F1 Cockpit, my dream has now come true. I never miss a chance to play and am really thrilled each time I sit in this machine which realism is simply outstanding.

Bruno Spengler, driver, DTM Series Bruno Spengler, driver, DTM Series

Bruno St-Jacques, série Formule atlantique

Your cockpit is a plus in preparing for car racing. Not only does it allow me to maintain my reflexes between events and during winter season, but it also is very useful in learning new tracks and fine-tuning driving techniques.

It simplifies mastering the demands of a real race car and helps me to get a feeling of it. Furthermore, it reproduces perfectly the real driving position, thus making adaptation to a real race car easier. Simulation F1 Cockpit simulator is without a doubt a secret advantage in competition.

Bruno St-Jacques, American Le mans Bruno St-Jacques, Formule atlantique

From satisfied customers

Shell Canada

The presence of Shell's F1 car plus the F1 Cockpit simulator proved to be a tremendous addition to a series of internal communications sessions for the 2000 employees at Shell Albian Sands at the MacDonald Island Community Centre in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

These units were a success on several fronts: connecting those who produce oil sands directly to the consumer; having fun while raising funds for United Way; and promoting Shell's brand to the wider local community. A win/win all round!

Simone Marler, Communication Manager, Shell Albion

Shell Canada

Daimler Chrysler

On behalf of Pentamark Worldwide/Canada and of Daimler Chrysler Canada, for Dodge brand, I'd like to express my deepest gratitude to Simulation F1 Cockpit, with whom we established a friendly relationship last summer.

There were lots of eople queuing to get in the simulators all day, and this entertainment helped us to attract hundreds of potential customers and make promotion of Dodge vehicles to them.

William S. Rowe, VP and Account Executive, Daimler Chrysler Canada

Daimler Chrysler
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