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D-BOX Technologies designs and manufactures leading edge high-technology motion systems mainly suited to the needs of the entertainment industry. With its unique, patented technology, « D-BOX Motion Code™ » uses motion effects specifically programmed for each film, TV series or video game, which are sent to a motion generating system integrated within either a platform or a seat.

The resulting motion is perfectly synchronized with all onscreen action, creating an unmatched realistic immersive experience. To date, D-BOX Motion Code™ is available on more than 900 titles. Accordingly, many prominent Hollywood studios have started embedding D-BOX Motion Code™ on many Blu-ray™ format and theatrical releases. By reaching agreements with the leaders of both the motion picture and gaming industries, D-BOX’s award-winning motion technology is gradually proving itself as a new global standard in the entertainment world.

D-Box Technologies

A Multi-Sensorial Revolution

Motion editing is a new artform, a new sophisticated discipline where art meets technology meets cinema meets gaming. It leads to the rise of MFX, a multi-sensorial revolution in movie-watching and gaming. Action becomes motion. Sounds become motion. Events become motion. Brace yourself for an entirely new, unforgettably immersive experience.

A Patented, Award-Winning Technology

All of this MFX fun is made possible by our patented, award-winning technology. Only D-BOX offers you MFX using 3 types of intelligent movement (subtle pitch, roll and heave) to move you gently forwards and backwards, from side to side and up & down. Combine that with the D-BOX-encoded intelligent vibrations and it all comes together to create the most amazing, all-encompassing entertainment experience ever.

Integrating D-Box technology into our products

In 2007, we decided to include D-Box actuator technology into all of our products. We wanted to increase the realism of our simulators even more and give our customer and even more exhilarating experience.

The actuators used in our products reproduce with awesome realism all the track features and transmit it to the driver: rumble strips vibrations, blacktop texture, water puddles in rainy conditions, etc.

A Win-Win Partnership

We are the only simulation cockpit manufacturers in North America to use D-Box actuators and we are distributors of those products for D-Box Gaming Department.

Bertrand Godin, a renowned racing car driver, set the technical parameters that govern the actuators used in our products.
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